Saturday, February 28, 2009

Playdates with Mommy

As you can see, Coleman enjoys his playdates with Mommy. I try to have fun time with each of them... just me and them.... no brother around. Baby Cole looked out his window at the bushes and flowers, oh he had quite a time! We read books and played in his nursery, then it was off to the kitchen for snack! As you can see in the picture where he is "cutting his eyes" at me, HE DOESN'T LIKE YOU MESSING WITH HIS FOOD! Come on, he did not get to be my "Chunky Monkey" by sharing snacks! Have a great week and check back in soon for more pictures of both Carter and Coleman!
Love, The Sadler Big Top

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Your February Catch Up
So, lots has transpired since our last blog. I made a quick trip to Dallas to be with my family in CELEBRATION of my great aunt Louise. She went to be with the Lord after a long journey of love!! It was the first time that the entire "Erwin Seven" had been together in 5 years, given that Heather and I live in different states and visit TX. at different times. It was a richly blessed 40 hour trip!

February has marked an awesome time of love under our Big Top! Coleman has continued to struggle with his ear problems, but seems to be on top after lots of prayers and doctor visits. He keeps on smiling through it all. At nearly 11 months he is so busy crawling, pulling up, standing and TALKING!!! He is so talkative, wonder where he gets it??? DaDa, Hey, and something close to MaMa are his current words of choice. Our youngest one has been a blessing AND constant source of prayer since his arrival. May this next year be an easier one for him!

Of course you all know Carter! He is such an amazing 3 year old. February finds him pouring his heart out as usual! He loves his Mommy and Daddy, and Baby Cole of course. We are always taken by surprise with his love and affection. He is truly the SWEETEST 3 year old on the planet, always concerned about your feelings and desires. He continues to excell in the classroom as he learns all about spelling, computer and Jesus... to name a few of his favorite areas. Hopefully our next blog will report a potty trained Carter, we shall see!

Thanks for checking in on our Big Top! We will post more pictures when we are able to catch our "Wild Ones" not in motion! We hope March brings each of you your hearts' desires.